a ssssssssssss (Fixies aren't swag.)
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Fixies aren’t swag.

Shut the up about it. They aren’t swag! They’re bikes, that some people ride and others don’t. Don’t associate them with the hype. If you got one because it’s “cool”, shame on you, but I know that just because you have a fixie doesn’t mean you have swag. Swag should just be burned to the ground, there’s a bunch of these shit tumblrs that are like “fuckyeahasians” or some dumb shit like that, only making others feel bad about themselves because they didn’t get accepted.

— 2 years ago with 7 notes
#fucking rant  #vent  #fyfc  #swagnificent-asians  #lol  #swag  #fixie 
  1. qoromaru said: If they aren’t swag you wouldn’t be ranting about it.
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